Calidad Home -Things To Know When Buying Silk Pillowcase

As one goes shopping for silk pillow cases there are many things that become confusing. With so many options and so much information it can be a little overwhelming. Here are 5 things you need to know when buying silk pillow cases.

1 – Mulberry Silk – Silkworms fed a diet of mulberry leaves are the source of nearly the entire world’s commercial silk. Although there are other methods of making silk, this is the one you want. Mulberry silk is going to be softer and more gentle to both your skin and your hair. Click here onĀ Calidad Home

2 – Charmeuse – A fancy sounding word, charmeuse is just a method of weaving silk that gives it that “satin” feel. The resulting material is very light and has an appealing feel to it. There are many other methods of weaving silk threads together to create fabric. Some create very rough fabric that is similar in feel to cotton or heavy wool. If you are looking to sleep on something smooth as silk then you need to be buying charmeuse or satin silk.

3 – Momme – while some people put a lot of stock in the momme weight of silk, in reality it is simply a unit that is used when describing how heavy a silk thread is. Typical silk products used for sleeping will have a momme weight of 16-19. If the particular set of cases you are looking at do not list the momme weight, don’t worry about it. There are other things that can help you, such as the feel of the cases.

4 – Thread Count – while this is thrown about with regularity to determine the quality of a pillow case, it is not that reliable. Some manufacturers will inflate their thread count by counting it incorrectly, making it seem they have ultra soft and smooth pillow cases when they actually don’t. Better to go by how the pillow cases actually feel than some random number. For those who need to know – 400 and up and you’ll be fine.

5 – The Feel – After you’ve narrowed down your choices with all the other technical information, the feel of the silk pillow cases is what will make the sale. If you think for even a half second that what you are holding isn’t as great as you thought it would be, then you are right. Keep looking, because if the feel isn’t ideal, you won’t love them.