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It is always good to buy a gluten free food products after a gluten free food review because one can understand much about the products after a review, so it reduces the risks of trying it. Below are some of the reviews of the gluten free foods which is useful for food lovers.Related image

Some Gluten Free Food Reviews

Katz gluten free apricot hamantaschen cookies: it is traditional Jewish pastry dough or cookie famous for its three sides and is normally filled up with a tasty filling up or fruit jam. It is frequently eaten during Jewish holy day. According to the food review states that most of the people really love apricot, and if they try these gluten free apricot hamantaschen cookies by Katz Gluten Free, they will high hopes. They looked first-rate- an attractive triangular shape with a dollop of apricot jam glancing out. They seem ideal for an afternoon snack, or even for tea parties.Have a look at CERES ORGANICS for more info on this.

These cookies free of gluten are cooked from a dense shortbread-like cookie that is grilled to a golden brown. The cookie itself was a little wry and breakable with a soft crunch when seized with teeth into. The feel tasted a little sweet with a breath of vanilla. The apricot dollop on crest is really pretty small and does not fill up the inside of the cookie. The apricot is dense and slenderly gluey; however the relish is gratifying and pretty yummy. They are a decent, solid gluten free choice that one wouldn’t bear in mind consuming every once in a while. Pros of this cookie is apricot flavor is appetizing, not too sweet, relishes blend in nicely. The cons are on the dry side, could use more apricot

Katz chocolate chip cookies free of gluten: The gluten free food review states that these cookies are ideal for the individual if one miss Famous Amos or Chips A’hoy! These sweet and crisp cookies from Katz gluten free are quite hooking, so buyer bewares. One would compare these cookies to the prepacked cookies and it is ideal for those who are used to snack on every so often. They are the complete size for two bites, and are on the dense side with lots of corners and chaps. The flavor is absolutely sweet, but no bearing down. Overall, a great snack cookie to gratify the appetency. The pros are crunchy, snack size, yummy flavor and texture. The cons is “foodies” might not like them.